How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 10 – Guideline

Today, I’m going to share here- how to use Pendrive as RAM in your Windows 10 PC 2021. Every computer users know that what is RAM and how it works on your device. RAM is a random access memory, which is stored data temporarily on your computer. Generally, it locates on the motherboard. When, we run any application, game, music file all these things run in temporary memory. If we run many programs at the same time, even we get a faced not responding problem with your device hangup during some process. This problem creates from random access memory.

How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 10 –

How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows PC

If your rampaging and cache memory is low, you always faced this hanging or not responding problem. In this condition, you need to upgrade your system RAM. But, every user is not possible to improve their system ram for many reasons. Now you can use your USB flash drive or pen drive as RAM. Every computer user is well known about pen drive and how it handled. Pendrive is the most popular portable data storage service. Now, you can switch your pen drive into virtual memory on your PC or laptop. Pendrive will not work as same as the original RAM. But it will help make faster your Windows PC or laptop. Now, I share here how to use a pen drive as RAM on Windows PC?

You can find two ways to increase ram as a pen drive. Just follow some simple steps carefully and enjoy using Pendrive as a ram. This system not only improves your computer paging file and cache memory as a virtual ram and also provides you better performance on your PC or laptop.

How to use a pen drive as RAM?

1st Method: Virtual RAM concept for Windows 7, 8 and 10

• Firstly, insert your Pendrive into a PC or Laptop.
• Then you have to right button click on My Computer from Desktop.
• Now click on “Properties.”
• When you click on Properties, it will open a new window.
• Then click on “Advanced system settings” from the left sidebar.
• After clicking Advance system settings, it will open a new window >> System properties.
• Click “Advanced tab” >> then just click Performance >> “Settings”.
How to Use Pendrive as RAM

• Again it will open a new window >> Performance Option.
• Now, click on the “Advanced” tab.
• Now you will see a Virtual Memory option >> Now click on the “Change” button.
How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Window 7, 8, 10

• It will show you again a new window >> Virtual Memory.
• Then, you need to uncheck the box “Automatically manage paging size for all drives.”
• Now, you select your pen drive and next select “Custom size.” Then add your pen drive value current same in below format.
How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows PC

• You must leave 30MB to 50MB minimum free space from the original space of the pen drive.
• If you use to keep some open space in your Pen-drive, your device is always safe.
• Then you enter to fill up the same value in “Initial size” and “Maximum size.”
• Finally, click on the “Ok” button.

Now, you need to restart your PC or Laptop, and your pen drive will work as Virtual RAM. This system is a very effortless way to use a pen drive as a ram.

Note: If you want to get your pen drive regular, you need to go virtual settings options again and remove the custom memory value. You must check to choose the default setting “Automatically manage paging size for all drives.”

How to Use Pendrive as RAM >>

2nd Methods: Increase RAM by Ready Boost in Windows 7, 8 and 10

• Firstly, you need to insert your Pendrive into PC or Laptop.
• Then go to my computer, and you will see all your drives.
• Now, you need to the right click on your Pendrive and click on “Properties.”
How to use pendrive as RAM in Laptop

• When open Pendrive Properties, and then click on “Ready Boost Tab.” Next, select the option “Use this device.”
• Now you have to select your Pen-drive size. Remember; always leave 150MB to 300MB free space for device safety.
How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows 10

• Finally, click on the apply button, and then click OK.

Note: This system is the easiest way to use your pen drive as RAM. But, if you want to get back your pen drive as usual. You need to go Pen-drive properties again and click on the Ready Boost tab. Then switch it back “Don’t Use Device” in Ready Boost Tab.

Important: Always safely eject your pen drive and don’t remove it directly from your computer. As a result, it will damage your storage device.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Now you clear- how to use Pendrive as ram in windows PC. If you face any problem feel free to comment below.

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