Top Best 5 Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress to Keep Clean

At present WordPress is a very simple platform for launch any blog. We are very happy to use this WordPress platform. We always get a lot of facilities from WordPress. The WordPress community always tries to give the best service to their users. When you publish some content on your WordPress site and you will see many spam comments are coming every day your site. But this spamming comment is another most irritating problem for bloggers and webmasters. So you just want to get free of this problem and need to use an anti-spam plugin.

Remember spam comments always get a bad effect on your site. If you accept spam comments, you will see your SEO score automatically decrease. You must be alert about this spamming. It does not only decrease your SEO score, it’s also reduced your traffic and get a penalty by a search engine like Google. You can’t take any proper step without preventing comment spamming. You can not remove spam comments by hand because it takes more time.

So you need to use the best anti-spam plugin to detect and remove spam comments easily from your site. All WordPress users used different anti-spam plugins for preventing spamming comments. Now I’m sharing here the best 5 anti-spam plugins for WordPress users to keep clean comments easily. Good News: HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code – Web Hosting For $0.01! (2021)

Top Best 5 Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress to Keep Clean –

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress

Top Best 5 Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress to Keep Clean
Akismet is the number one popular anti-spam plugin for WordPress. It was developed by Automattic and over 22 million downloads completed on this excellent plugin. It’s a cloud-based plugin which it works excellent. Firstly you need an API key to make active this plugin (signup required). When you activate this Akismet plugin, it protects your blog spam comment automatically. The Akismet plugin is totally free to use for personal and just $5 for use commercial license only.

Antispam Bee Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress
Antispam Bee Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress
Antispam Bee is the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress. It’s an excellent free plugin both personal and commercial use. It has a lot of features and you can activate this plugin without any registration. This plugin automatically blocks comments from countries, specific IP, and languages. It shows displays statistics with spam information.

WordPress Zero Spam Plugins for WordPress
WordPress Zero Spam Plugins for WordPress
WordPress Zero Spam is the popular anti-spam plugin. It was build based on a concept by Mozilla developer David Walsh. It’s actually easy to use. It’s free for both commercial and personal uses. You can easily to install this plugin without API key and don’t need any additional settings. It can block total spam comments automatically and also show you its performance. It’s working very good and spam comments block by using JavaScript logic.

WP- SpamShield Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress
WP- SpamShield Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress
WP SpamShield is a very powerful best anti-spam plugin for WordPress. This plugin works very well and it can remove automatically spam comment. It also works on trackbacks and pingbacks without using captcha. It protects your spam comment two style such as algorithmic layer and JavaScript/cookies layer. This plugin protects your site from any spammer and also improves your site performance. If you use this plugin, it can help to block comments from your traffic using a proxy server.

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk Plugins for WordPress
Anti-Spam by CleanTalk Plugins for WordPress
There is a lot of anti-spam plugin for WordPress users but CleanTalk is one of them. It’s working well and gives you protection against any spamming such as it stops spam comments, spam orders, spam registration, spam widgets, spam subscription and more. It’s not only protecting on your comments but also shield any other options on your site from spammers.

Vanguard is the one plugin and you can use it easily. It’s a free and premium version. So you must use an anti-spam plugin for your WordPress Site. Above every anti-spam, the plugin is very good and give you better performance on your site.

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