Best Prank Call Apps for Android 2021 Download & Reviews

This article is talking about the best prank call apps for Android 2021 free download. Most of the time we make fun to impress our best friends, family members, and others. We make fun of the indifferent ways. Sometimes we call from an unknown number to make just fun with our friends or other persons. You can easily do that via your Android Smartphone. Nine need to use funny prank call apps for android 2021. You will see there a lot of prank call apps available online in the Google play store. By using these apps, you can do make nine fun with your friends and talk like a stranger.

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These funny pranks call apps now day very popular and common to all. By using these apps to make fun and enjoy your leisure. At present Android OS have thousands of features to make life very easy and funny. You can do anything by using your Android Smartphone. If you want to some fun with your friends by fake call you need to use comic prank call apps with Android smartphones. Now I share here some of the best Android Prank Call Apps for you.

Best Prank Call Apps for Android 2021 –

There are over hundreds of prank call android apps available on the Google play store for you. You need to select any of these apps to make a fake or prank call of your friends. Now I am going to share with you about favorite top prank call apps 2021 review in this article.

Fake-A-Call Free: Prank Call Apps –
Best Prank Call Apps for Android 2021
Fake a Call is free one of the best favorite, excellent Android mobile funny apps. It has two options paid version and a free version. You can easily use this app to make fun with your mates. The free version is enough for you, but if you want some extra fun with your friends you can use the paid version. When you use this app to make a prank call with your friend, no one can guess who is talking with them.

Fantastic this app designed is very entertained. Using this app, you can make a fake incoming call from your friends, boss, family members, and more. You can also make a phony video call, and it has come with 9 voices. You can easily select anyone to impress your friends. So this type of app has arrived at the top of this list.

Visit- Fake-A-Call Free Download

Fake Call & SMS: Prank Call Apps 2019 for Android –
Popular Prank call apps for Android Smartphone
Fake Call & SMS is another top popular simple prank app for every Android lover. Using this app, you can easily create a prank call and also set up the time for getting a fake SMS or fake call.
This Fantastic app can create a prank text message, telephone call and personalize their behaviors at the right time. You just enter the number from which you want to get a call and need to set the timer accurately then wait for your fake call. You can do many things by using this app.

Visit: Fake Call & SMS App Free Download

Fake Call 2: Prank Call Apps for Android –
Fake Call 2 is an excellent, funny prank call apps for your Android Smartphone. This app allows you to get a fake incoming call from your digital girlfriend. It’s a beautiful and expert app for every smart user. You can also create a call with your ringtone, and no one can find out who is calling. It is a brilliant app that can rescue you from an awkward situation. You can enter any caller’s name or number and picture. So users can make a prank call with their pictures of a caller.

Visit- Fake Call 2 App Search Google Playstore

Celebrity Prank Call: Best Prank Call Apps for Android –
Prank Call Apps for Android 2021
It’s one of the best popular my favorite android mobile funny prank call apps, and I think most Android users love this app because this app makes you a favorite like a star among your friends. It’s a fantastic prank app that lets you fun with your friends. This app allows you to call yourself using the voice of your favorite star. You can add the photo of your celebrity that will show up on your caller ID. Some people use this celebrity prank call app to free themselves from any responsibility.

Visit- Celebrity Prank Call Search on Google PlayStore

Prank Dial: Prank Call Apps 2019 Android –
Best Prank Call Apps for Android
This App is available for your Android and iOS smartphone. It’s one of the best favorite Android mobile funny apps to make a Prank call or a Fake call. But this app some limitations for its users, because you can make three pranks, calls for free in a day. Prank Dial funny prank call apps allow the users to save their fake calls on their prank call history. You can also choose amusing prank call recordings and send fake requests to your friends, mates, and family members by selecting their number. This app must be very entertaining for you.

Visit- Prank Dial App Download From Google Playstore

Voice Changer with Effects: Prank Call Apps for Android –
Best Prank Call Apps for Android 2021
Voice Changer with Effects is a fantastic top popular funny app for smart android users. You can fool your mates or friends and family members by creating fake calls. This app allows you to share your videos and images on Email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, and more. You can also save your recordings and share your mates and others. This App has more than thirty various voice effects that help you to make your voice so attractive and funny.

Visit- Voice Changer with Effects App Download from Google PlayStore

Fake Call Prank: Best Prank Call Apps 2021 for Android –

It’s one of the best rich apps for your Android phone. Using this app, you can make a fake call with your friends and others. This app gives you the best facility that you can make a prank call without any internet connection. You create a fake SMS chat and easily fool your friend and family members with another person to using this app. You can set up the different timing of calling and select a caller from your list and enter a new contact. You can easily use this app, and it’s a very simple and user-friendly app.

Visit- Fake Call Prank Free Download from Google PlayStore

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