Top 5 Free Backlink Checker Tools 2021 to Check Backlinks Free

Today I am going to sharing about the top 5 free backlink checker tools for 2021. We know about the backlink and it’s the most important factor of SEO. You know that there are various important factors are related to your blog but the backlink is actually a powerful factor for your site. Every day we are trying to build a lot of backlinks but all these backlinks don’t get approved. So you need to check your backlinks using some free top popular backlink checker tools. Not only check your backlink but you can also check the competitor’s backlinks for free.

Most of the bloggers don’t know how to check their site performance and how it’s working. So, if you check your backlinks frequently then you will able to recognize your performance. When you create a lot of backlinks but you don’t sure all the backlinks are 100% working, you need to find out your mistake. This problem you can easily solve by these free backlink checker tools and it’s really important for your goal.

Backlinks checker tools have to option free version and paid version. We know that paid versions always better than the free version. You know that most of the bloggers don’t use the paid version for money problems, so they choose the free one. You see there are lots of collections of free backlink checker tools but all these tools are not good for us. So, you need the perfect one and which provides the actual results without any problem. I already selected some of the best free backlink checker tools for you and these tools also to check competitors’ backlinks.

Best Competitors Analysis Tools: Analyze Competitors

When you use these tools you can see which sites are linking to your site and competitors. You must check your competitor’s backlinks and check strong competitors backlinks that why they rank better on Google.

Top 5 Free Backlink Checker Tools 2021 –

Top 5 Free Backlink Checker Tools to Check Backlinks Free
OpenLinkProfiler is one of my favorite tools and it’s the best free backlinks checker tool. I used these tools every day to check my backlinks and competitor’s backlinks. These backlinks checker tool gives you different facilities with your total backlinks. You can check your total backlinks deeply and which domains are linking to your and your competitor’s. If you want to get a smart success, it’s easy to use the tool. Because this tool is totally free. You can also use paid tools to get support.


Open Site Explorer 2021 –
Open Site Explorer Backlink Checker Tool
Open Site Explorer free backlink checker tool comes from and it’s really an excellent backlink checker tool. You can easily check your Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA) with the help of this tool. You can check different important factors by this tool. You can check your website or blog spam score. So, just go to the site and just enter your site URL and click on search. Then it will show details of your site.

Open Site Explorer

SEMrush Backlink Checker Tool
SEMrush is one of the best and top popular free backlink checker tools. There are a lot of bloggers are using this excellent tool for various purposes. It’s an excellent SEO tool and uses this tool to optimize your site perfectly. It’s not only a backlink checker tools but it also a great keyword research tool. This tool has two options free and pro versions. The free version has some limitation but you can use it easily if you newbie blogger. Just go to visit the site and enter your URL and click on Try it. This tool provides your Domain score and trusts score but you need to register with your email ID.


Majestic SEO
Majestic SEO Backlink Checker Tool
Majestic SEO is another best free backlink checker tool. This tool has two option free versions and paid versions. The paid version has 3 Plans suck as silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans. It’s very important for an SEO tool for SEO professionals. You can also download your complete link portfolio of your competitors. Just go to visit the majestic SEO and type your preferred URL to analyzing. THE Majestic SEO tool is real to use easily with a simple interface.

Majestic SEO

Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool
Aherfs is another top popular paid backlink checker tool. It’s an excellent backlink checker tool and you can also use the free version to analyze your backlinks. The free version is enough for you but if you want to get more then you can use the paid version. When you use this tool and you get a complete idea about you’re this backlink tools and this tool gives you various options related to your backlinks.


Above all these free backlink checker tools are actually helpful for the research the backlinks of your competitors. If you want to do better then you must analysis your competitor’s and it’s very important for your success. So, select your preferred tool and analyze your site.

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