Top 14 Important Blogging Tips for the Beginners

Blogging is very popular day by day and people are actually interested in blogging. Most of the people have decided to be a blogger and they want to enjoy the life of a successful blogger. But blogging is not just entertaining. You should not take blogging as a fun. You must take it sincerely if you want a successful blogger. You must follow some important tips and rules then you can succeed. Sometimes we see that most of the newbie stopping blogging after some days because they can not make enough money within a short time.

They need proper guidelines and must follow some rules and regulations for their actual success. In this situation, they will big mistakes that can ruin their blogging career. They don’t know some basic knowledge about blogging. So I’m sharing some important tips for the beginners. This article really helps you that how to start your journey with blogging.

Top 14 Important Blogging Tips for the Beginners

Top 14 Important Blogging Tips for the Beginners

Select your Niche

At the first time, you need to select your perfect niche. Most of the time newbie make mistake to select their niche. If you select the wrong niche you can’t success your blogging life. So select the perfect niche which it helps you to give more and more. Otherwise, you will lose your valuable time.

Choose Blogging Platform

When you select your perfect niche then you need to select your perfect platform. There are lots of different blogging platforms but I think WordPress and Blogger are the two best powerful blogging platforms and everyone easily to select it. Both platforms are good for you but I think that WordPress is the best and wonderful blogging platform.

On the other side, blogger is also good for the beginners and it’s easy to handle you. Remember blogger from Google and you have no any direct control and Google can do everything anytime. So if you choose to select blogger platform, there is no problem and just following some blogger rules and regulations.

WordPress is more users friendly and the best blogging platform. Most of the bloggers want to use WordPress to get more benefits. Because you can get full control of your blog and its SEO optimized high-class platform. So my suggestion for you, if you want to get top class services you can use WordPress. But blogger is not bad. The first time you start with blogger, when you become popular then you can migrate from blogger to WordPress to get more service.

Domain, Hosting, and Themes

When you select your niche then you need to choose a good domain name and it must be related to your niche. Don’t use to select any complex domain name. You should choose always the easily memorable name for your domain. The first time you can use a free domain name, hosting and theme but you can buy the domain, hosting and theme to get better service. When you buy a domain name, you can use .com, .net, .org and more but I think .com is the best and can be the first choice.

After selecting your domain name then you must buy hosting if you use WordPress. Then choose the best blogger WordPress theme for your site. You should select a unique domain name.

Design Your Blog

The design is very important for you blogging success. I think your blog design must be attractive and it makes you popular among the readers. Most of the blogger users want to use the free theme. But you should use a premium theme and you should spend some dollars. The premium theme is always better than the free theme.

When visitors come to your site from the search engine, they see your blog site design. If your site design is good they more time spend to use your site. So you should make to add the header, sidebar, footer, and navigation bar perfectly. You can add popular posts, recent posts, categories or labels that make your site more attractive.

You can also add social media icons, search bar, author box, and email subscription on your site. You must add some important pages such as Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy and more.

Research Keywords before Writing

You know content is the king. You always want to write the best content for your site. You may be writing for yourself, write for the people, and write what you know. You must be written to help the people what they want. So you select the perfect keyword then you can start to write. Otherwise, you can’t success via your content. You must research the keywords before writing. You should know about keyword are the king of your content.

The first time a newbie blogger don’t decide to select the perfect keyword. Keyword research is the really vital rule for before content writing. So you should always select long tail keyword because of long tail keyword competitive low but if you choose short keyword its results high competitive and it’s not easy to a good position search engine ranking for your keywords.

I recommend for use LSI keywords. It’s really important to use LSI keywords. When you use LSI keywords it prevents you from any spamming in the eye of Google. You can also use Google keywords planner, WordStream, SEMrush and more.

Write Long and Quality Content

You should write quality content for your site. You must be careful that you can write properly about it. Select the perfect topic for your article before writing. You know the quality is better than quantity. You must follow some successful bloggers and see their contents. They always write perfectly, so people really love them and come back their sites again.

Your contents length is the important issue for the search engine. You should write always long content and long content helps you better rank on search engines. When you see Brian Dean and Neil Patel blogs, you will see they write always long contents.

Do Not Copy Paste

We know that honesty is the best policy. So you should be honest to be successful in blogging. You have to write by yourself and try to make your own style. You should not act like a thief and can’t copy other contents. But some newbie blogger first-time mistakes and they are not careful about the basic rules of blogging. They try to do something as soon as possible. So they start to copy others contents to get success within a short time. So don’t copy paste from others. We are known for that plagiarism is a big offense in blogging.

Add Multimedia

You must add to use some multimedia such as videos, images, and infographics on your article. It’s the big attractiveness of your article. You can add at least one image on your every article and also can add video. That’s the image fulfill your content. So you should not write without add to images or videos otherwise people will not understand your contents.

Check before Publishing

Before publishing your article, you need to check on-page SEO terms. Your article title must be unique and it should contain your focus keywords. Your keyword density must be having 1.5% to 2% on your content. Make sure that the permalinks contain your focus keyword. Add to use your keywords in heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 and more. You must add keywords in image ALT tags and Meta description.

Be Social

Social media is the best way to success in your blogger. We can’t think any blogging success without social media. Top Popular social media networking sites such as facebook, google plus, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn are important to your success. It’s the big source of traffic on your blog. It is not only giving you just traffic but also helps you to rank in any search engine. You can promote you any site within a short time by social media.

So you must have active on social media. Share your every article just after publishing on your blog or site. You can share your image on social media by Pinterest, flicker and more. You should be active on Google plus, Facebook and Twitter if you are newbie blogger. If you active on social media you can easily popularity a few days later. Remember social media is vital to rule on your success.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the off page SEO techniques. It’s the most effective and popular way to get backlinks from other sites. Its also give you instant traffic. You will see a lot of blogs that related to your niche. So open some related blog on the site and read their article and place your helpful comments and also link to your site. Remember don’t use one comment in every day at the same place.

You should comment related to your niche. If you are a food-related blogger, you should not comment on a technology blog site and it’s very careful with your success otherwise Google get spamming. Comments have two sites bad and good. If you will comment on high PR related sites, you will get ranking very quickly and its help keeps your search engine rank. But if you comment on low PR sites, your site fails to rank in search engine. You should avoid spamming. Commenting is the best way to create a relationship with other successful bloggers.

Start Engaging with Others

If you are a newbie, you need to follow your superiors because they know more than you. If you face make any problem and ask them for a solution. It’s the easy way to make relation with other bloggers. Remember you should not blog alone. You always need help from others, successful blogger, if you want to succeed in a short time and get engage with other bloggers. Commenting is the best way to create your relationship with others related bloggers.


Consistency is another main part for all bloggers. Most of the bloggers don’t know about the consistency. You should need to make the daily routine of your works. You have to try to publish at least one article daily. Its share on social media and do some SEO.

Be Patience

Be patience is the most important factor for every successful blogger have. You can’t do anything in a short time. Blogging is not a quick way to earn enough, if you will able to make a wonderful blog, money will come to your door. You should not take blogging just a quick way of earning. You should catch it sincerely and wait with patience. Then you will be a successful blogger.

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