Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for the Blogger

Google chrome is the number one faster browser in the world. It has many features with a clean design. Google has the excellent extension for their users. You can install the every extension in a short time. Blogger or user can use a chrome web store with the browse through a boundless library of chrome apps. Easily customize the extension and also has an illustrious tab management system. Today I’m showing here the top 10 Google chrome Extension for the Blogger.

Originally, Google chrome has different types in web store library. There is a large number of extension and apps. Google chrome is the wonderful web browser which is perfect for every blogger. I also share some extension for SEO, post/article writing, and link building system. Now I share below 10 best Google Chrome Extension.
Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for the Blogger

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for the Blogger


The pocket is the awesome extension for every user. When you are browsing anything on the internet and find some important article for read, but you don’t have enough time to read in this moment. In this time the pocket extension helps you that it will save pickpocket which is the best private extension for chrome. By using this extension you can read all articles in offline.

Search by Image

Search by Image is another top popular simple extension for Google chrome. It helps, when you are finding any related images by using this extension. It’s very important for a blogger when he writes a post for his blog or personal website. Just right click any image on Google chrome browser, and then use the “Search Google with This Image” context menu. Really it is the easiest way for searching related image.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is one of the popular apps in Google Chrome extension. It helps you when to write anything. If you face any problem with any word, just you can double click on this word for its meaning in a small pop-up box. It’s a superb extension for all Google chrome users.

Page Refresh

Page Refresh is a wonderful extension for refreshing your page. Most of the time browser is not working properly; it looks like delayed or slow. This time we need to refresh it for the start working process. So you just enter the button of the magic key for refreshing your pages. CTRL+SHIFT+R are the magic key that auto refresh your page. You can also hide this page refresh icon from the address bar.

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa traffic rank is the best another official extension of Alexa which it helps to check website popularity. Using this extension you can check your website or blog site Alexa ranking in the world. This Alexa extension also provides you all data information of any website and their country rank. Another extension like PageRankStatus and SEO site tools.

Top Popular Chrome Extensions
Google Publisher Toolbar

A Google Publisher tool is the official extension on Google. It helps to view your Adsense account, DoubleClick and AdExchange account data. This tool is very important for an Adsense user blogger. It also shows your AdSense summary reporting on the ad unit and also is shown performance metrics.

One Tab

One Tab is another extension which it can save 95% of your Google Chrome Browser Memory. Most of the times we are open multiple tabs for one time on working. But this time if you can click the One Tab icon, it will switch all the tabs into a list in one tab. It’s very important for our work and you can also easily restore all of them by one click.


Buffer is the popular content share extension in social media. You can share your content in social media with this extension. Just need to be one click using this buffer. You can smartly share your content in social media like as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Linkedin. You should advance with buffer in chrome browser. You can also share your web page with this buffer extension and just use right click context menu.


Grammarly is a newly awesome grammar and spelling checker tools. It’s working superb. When you are writing anything online (websites, blogs, socila media or others) then this Grammarly tools helps you immediately checking to solve your sentence grammar and spelling. It has nice features and also it’s included appropriate preposition, right form of the verb, article, linking word and many more. I like to use it.

Adblock Plus

Adblock plus is the popular extension in Google chrome browser. Over 10 million already downloads complete to use it. It helps many ways and blocks your tracking, social media button, malware, unwanted ads, Pop-up and also including ads on youtube, facebook and other websites.

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