Top 10 Best Firefox Addons & Extensions

The Mozilla Firefox is one of the top popular ultimate browsers for PC. Everyone likes to use this browser because it has a lot of Addons for its users. It’s is the best unique and the faster browser for the computer. I think most of the people like to use this browser. If you are Firefox user, you should not be missing something awesome and important as like extension or Add-ons. Firefox added many interesting features for their user. It’s superb browser for its awesome things like a browsing system, tab, add-ons, features, extension and more. So you should know top best firefox add-ons which are perfect for you.
Top 10 Best Firefox Addons & Extensions

Top 10 Best Firefox Extensions


GreaseMonkey is the best useable firefox add-ons. This plugin helps you to simply customize the web pages and also do change the approach of web pages only using JavaScript. It gives you some awesome features which using you can do anything internets hacks.

Adblock Plus

When we are visiting any website, there is some unwanted internet ad as like social media ad, website’s ad, blog’s ad showing to disturbing with us. But Adblock plus is one of the top popular best firefox add-ons which it can block the ads from all websites even youtube, facebook, Dailymotion and more. It also blocks your unwanted popup and virus containing ads. So you need to use Adblock plus and it helps your browsing experience better.


It’s the best addons for you. It helps for making your firefox and faster from another browser. Just simply download this add-on by name Fasterfox. It can be making your browser faster because it uses some best network.

Web Developer

Web Developed is another best add-ons which it helps you a better knowledge about web developing. If you are a web developer you should use this tool. It works with two option (The developer edition and the regular one).


FireBug is one of the best browser add-ons for Firefox. This tool is very helpful for a programmer or web developer. You can easily edit CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Debug on any web page by using this firebug. It’s the similar tool like another firefox addons Web Developer. It has also included extra features for learning and working. It’s also user friend tools.


DownThemAll is another best add-ons which build the download speed fast from before. It’s the best download for Firefox and helps your firefox 4 times faster than normal. It is the first built accelerator which it provides downloading super fast and use it freely.

Top Best Firefox Extension
Tile Tabs

When we are opening many tabs on our browser for different work and sometimes we face a problem for finding the special tab from opened tabs. But when you are using this Tile Tabs Add-on you can easily maintain to switch your opened tabs by arranging in a grid.

Click and Clean

Generally, we are cleaning cookies, browsing data by going to setting option. Then go to history and open clear option. We know that it’s very important to safe our data and keep clean from our browser. If you want to all your browsing history data, cache, cookies and more others just by one click so that you can use this Click and Clean add-ons.

Hola Unblocker

Hola is an ad-free VPN Proxy service that it provides an unlimited faster and more open internet. You can easily access any website which it blocked from your country, company and more. Hola VPN proxy is totally free service and you can easily use it for free.


It’s one of the best apps to save your important password in the browser. When you access to log in your site which it before asks you with ID and Pass. It’s very helpful and safe to add-ons for us.

How to Add Any Firefox Extensions with Your Browser: Just you have to go Mozilla firefox official home page. Then Click on Add-ons. Now go to extension and just select which you want to install. Just add to Firefox or install. Just wait a few moments for done. That’s it.

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