How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress Proper Guideline

We know that site loading time or page loading time is an essential issue for every website or blog. There are various requirements that are important for search engine ranking. Search engine judges your loading speed when they rank your blog or website. Most of the time, we are using MaxCDN, and W3 Total cache to advance the speed of our sites. These tools are really fine to increase your site or page loading time. You also know another free CDN tool for you and its Cloudflare. But you did not know how to set up Cloudflare free CDN to WordPress and you need to know.

We do various things to improve our site’s speed and page loading time is an important issue for SEO factor. We do everything such as optimize images properly and use small images, reduce page size, and don’t use too many plugins, and more just for site speed. But when you use a CDN and it gives a better page loading time to optimize your site. So, you can use CDN CloudFlare and it’s my favorite CDN. It does not only increase your site speed and it’s also protected the site from any attack. It also saves your bandwidth. You need to know the actual easy process that you can set up Cloudflare free CDN to WordPress site.

What is CDN?

CDN means a content delivery network system. It’s a system of distributed servers that delivers content, and web pages with other information to the visitor according to their searches based on geographic locations. So, it’s very vital for your WordPress blog and needs to know about it.

Most of the time, we use different hosting services. Such as you are using Namecheap hosting, Bluehost, or Hostgator, and the data center is located in the USA. When someone or visitor searches your site from a remote distance, such as Pakistan or Bangladesh, or India then her/his request will first go to the USA data center and then your site will open on his/her browser. It’s really a fast process, but it takes a few times for remoteness. So, if you can minimize the distance, your visitor gets to your site from any place within a short time. Good News: HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code – Web Hosting For $0.01! (2021)

A CDN network can do this system easily because a CDN has many data centers in many places all over the world. When a visitor or user searches for your site then the CDN delivers your site from the nearby data center. So, it completes to show your site very short time and that improves the site speed.

Why Cloudflare?

Nowadays, most bloggers use this CDN service to make their sites perfect. So, here I’m sharing with you that you need to set up Cloudflare free CDN to WordPress. Cloudflare not only increases the site speed but it’s also focused on security and spam control on your site.

How to Setup Cloudflare Free CDN to WordPress –

You must need to select a better hosting service like Bluehost or Hostgator or Namecheap hosting and your hosting service is responsible for your site performance. Then you can set up Cloudflare free CDN to WordPress.

At first, you need to signup for Cloudflare. Just go to and just click on the Signup Link.

Just type to enter your valid email address and type a secure password. Now click on Create account.
How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to WordPress Proper Guideline
Then you need to enter your site URL. Just click on Add site and you will see Cloudflare will start scanning your site and it’s may take just 60 seconds only.
How to add a site
After finishing the scan, you will automatically redirect to the DNS files zone. Now you can see the list of DNS records after scanning your website. DNS that will be passed Cloudflare is in orange color icon and DNS that is bypassed is in the gray color icon. You can also adjust the value here and choose if a preferred value or domain has to be passed through CloudFlare or not.
DNS Record
Next, you need to select a plan. You can use the free or pro version. You can also select a free website and click on continue. Pro version or Business version gives more facilities if you choose.
CloudFlare Plans
Now, Cloudflare gives you two Cloudflare nameservers, Such as (ns1: and ns2: which have to replace in your domain provider dashboard. You need to change your domain name servers. Just go to the domain control panel or login to your hosting cPanel and point to the Cloudflare nameservers.

Now, you totally understand how to set up Cloudflare easily free CDN to WordPress. If you want to get your blog speed fast and smart, you need to use CDN service and CloudFlare is the best free CDN network.

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