How to Run Command for Remote Desktop (RDP Client)

Do you know? How to Run Command for Remote Desktop (RDP Client) Using Command Prompt. The Run command for Windows Remote desktop application is Mstsc.
How to Run Command for Remote Desktop (RDP Client)
You need to open the run box from the Start menu and just type mstsc in the text box for the next to open and enter the press.
Remote Desktop Connection for Command Line
You must be used mstsc for the command line too. Only one user easily connects to a remote desktop connection at a time. But Windows server edition can support multiple users access the same time.

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Use Mstsc Command:

We connect to the server it opens a new user session. To avoid this we can open a connection to the console. This allows us to login back to the same user session if we already have one. To do this we need to add /console switch to the mstsc command.

mstsc /console

This command can be run from the command prompt or from the Run window. Run command for opening remote desktop session in full-screen mode.

Add /f switch to the command.

mstsc /f

Run command for specifying the remote computer name from the command itself

Use /v switch in this case.

mstsc /v:computername

Run command to specify remote desktop connection settings using an RDP file

mstsc RDP_filename

An RDP file can be created using the “Save As” button in the General tab in mstsc (Remote desktop connection client) window. These commands work on XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Server 2008/2003 operating systems.

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