How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords Easily

Today I’m trying to sharing here how to research keywords using Google Adwords. We know, keyword research is the most important issue for our content and its also most valuable SEO issues. Why we are trying to keyword research because without researching keywords we can’t do write a good article. So, need to select the right and usable keywords for our content or article. It’s actually very important for every blogger and content writer. You will see that, there are various keywords research tools are available online. You should know proper keyword research and must know about Google Adwords or Google Keyword Planner. Now I will show you how to research any keywords using Google Adwords?

Every newbie bloggers do not know how to select their perfect keywords. They write the content but they do not get enough visitors from different sources. They are very careful about the significance of keywords but they don’t recognize how to research keywords using Google AdWords? We know Adwords is an excellent tool for research keywords and it offers you different facilities. We are really grateful to Google because Google has been serving us for many years by providing different excellent tools like as Google keyword planner tools.

How to find LSI keywords to better rank in google

There are many free keywords research tools available online but Adwords is the best trusted free keywords research tools. It’s only a keywords research tool. If you know, how to research keywords using Google Adwords then you will able to rank in Google very quickly with other search engines. I’m using this tools and I easily select perfect with valuable keywords in a short time. You must select the perfect keywords for your article or content. Every blogger knows that content is the king but the king can’t survive without a queen. So, the keyword is the queen of your content or king.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords

So, Google Adwords is a very friendly keyword research tool and now I’m sharing how to select your perfect keywords for your article or content. At first, you need to visit Google Adwords then sign in with your Gmail account. Now a day’s most of the blogger have a Gmail account and if you don’t have then create a Gmail account.

When you sign in after you are in Dashboard of keyword planner. Then you need to click on Tools and select the Keyword Planner.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords Easily

You will see many functions there. Then you need to just click on search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. You will see a section that you need to enter your keywords, add also landing page or category. Remember you don’t need to important landing page or category for your keyword search. You just enter your main keyword in the first box then click on Get Ideas.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Adwords

Then you will see the search results for your targeted keywords. You will see two different options: Keyword ideas and Ad group ideas. Suppose you click the Ad group ideas then you will see some different keywords make group ideas. If you click on any group then you will see which keywords make this group. Remember all these are related keywords. You can also select your proper keywords from here.

You can also see the average monthly search of an exacting group and also can see the specific keywords suggested bid, competition and more options available here.

How to do use Google Adwords

Then you need to click on Keyword ideas for details know about your targeted keywords.
Such as your targeted keyword is “keyword research”. Then you will see, it has average 10k-100k monthly searched, competition medium and suggested bid $3.50. You will not only see one keyword, you can see other thousands of related keywords. These all keywords are your targeted keywords.

How to Research Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner

Now you need to select the proper keywords. For newbie must select the long tail, low competitive with monthly good searches keywords. Even you will search for anything like as “keyword research” on Google. Then you will see some powerful blogs at the top of the Google search results. We know these blogs have high DA and high PA.

It’s really impossible to beat these powerful popular blogs. You can’t good rank if you use high competitive keywords as a beginner and wrong step for the newbie. If you use to select your keyword research for your keyword, it will be very tough to rank well. So, you should select other keywords for easily rank your site.

How to use Google Adword Tool

How to use advanced options of keyword planner?
At first, select the location. Such as you want to write something targeting the USA then you can select the country. You can also select language, filter your keywords by competition, impression and suggested bid.

Google Adwords

There are many tools available online for check your page authority, domain authority; total backlinks of your competitors but you can easily check your site or other site using OpenSiteExplorer. Just visit the site and enter the URLs of your competitors. PR checker tools help to check your site PR.

Check your rank

We know, Google Adwords is a free keyword research tool and it’s better than other paid tools. If you use this dependable tool and it helps to find your perfect best keywords. Now you are totally clear about Google Adwords and how to research keywords using Google Adwords.

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