Now I will discuss here- how to recover hacked facebook account without email. We know at present facebook is one of the most popular social media network sites. Most of android and PC users use this social media. I think this social media is a kind of blessing for us. It’s an important role in our modern technology. There are various social networking sites available on the internet and facebook one of them. Most of the blogger can’t do anything without using popular social media. Facebook is really an excellent platform to share your expression to others.

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Nowadays we still a connection with other by facebook social media. Sometimes we face a critical problem with facebook account. When someone hacked your facebook account, we have to suffer much. We have to face lot of problems. But we don’t know how to recover hacked facebook account without email. This condition is very bad for everyone if you do not have access to your recovery email. But you can do it very easily recover hacked facebook account an email that means recovery email.

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So, you must know the process because anytime your informative facebook account will be hacked. I want to share in my article and help you to recover facebook account without email. Just follow some steps and recover it easily.

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account without Email

Firstly go to facebook recover account (Click here). Then enter your phone number or email address or your username/full name in the box. Now click on search.
How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account without Email
Then you will see various accounts and must identify your account. Now just click on this is my account. You see a new page will come and just click on (No longer have access to these?)
Recover Hacked Facebook Account without Email
When a new page will come, then you enter a new valid email address of your own. Then just click on Continue.
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At last a new page will appear. It will ask you some security questions that you saved while creating your account and enter the answers to questions. Remember you must enter the correct answer if its wrong your will not access your account.

Above all the tips about how to recover hacked facebook account without email. I hope you have learned and you can easily anytime recover your hacked facebook account.