How to Rank on Google First Page without Backlinks or Link Building

Today I talk about how to get ranking on Google fist page without link building or backlinks. We know backlinks is most a key factor of SEO. Without quality backlinks, you can’t rank on search engines like Google. All SEO experts, webmasters, and bloggers pay more times to create backlinks. Backlink has two sides positive and negative. Some backlinks are very helpful to get easily rank on Google but some backlinks make down your blog or site. So you should need very careful about backlinks/link build.

You should know details about how to rank on google 1st page without link building. Yes, you can easy way to get rank on google first page without a single backlink. Most of the times we are looking for quality backlinks but it gets not easy. All newbie bloggers don’t know how to get quality backlinks or how to create a link building for their blog/sites. Most of the times they create some mistakes as a result in their blog go down.

If all newbie bloggers known about get simply rank on google first page without backlink, they will be benefited. Remember quality link building/backlinks is the most important for your blog. You can create quality backlinks if you can? Don’t worry; you have an opening to rank on google easily. Just you need to do something rightly. I want to help who are waiting for getting incredible rank their sites on Google.

How to Rank on Google First Page without Backlinks

How to Rank on Google First Page without Backlinks or Link Building

Select Keywords with Low Competition from High Search Volume

Firstly you select the perfect keyword for your post. We know about that the importance of keywords. You should spend more time when you research keywords. So you need to use some keywords research tools. Google keywords planner is most popular and best keywords research tools which will help to find the desired keywords. We know that there are a lot of high-class sites when writes an article, they will rank with no trouble on Google. Because they do select perfect keywords. If you select a perfect keyword from high search volume with low competition, you will get rank on Google 1st page rank without backlinks.

Don’t Fight with the Serious Competitors

Please don’t fight with the powerful competitors in your niche. Always your competitor’s sites have high page authority, high domain authority, and a lot of quality backlinks. If you are a newbie bloggers, you need to be very alert with your keywords and article. Your competitors always have a good reputation in google. So you should not fight with the strong competitors by your niche. You should make try to write a unique content to using unique keywords. I think you will be better than your competitors once of time and easily get rank on Google 1st page rank without backlinks.

With Long -Tail Keywords

You should use long tail keywords because long tail keywords have low competition. Long tail keywords boost the chance to rank high on google without link building. Most of the times users like to search using long tail keywords.

LSI Keywords Using

Your keyword is the most important factor to rank in Google. You must control keyword density and need to know about how it placement into your article. If it does don’t be appropriate google will catch it as spamming and it’s really bad for your success. If you use LSI keyword, it will help that how to avoid spamming. Remember if your main keyword not works then LSI keyword will move toward to the point. LSI keywords always help to keep high rank without backlinks.

Write Something New

Our modern days, we are finding new things. We always like new information and newly any update which I needed. So you should try to write about a new topic, new information, new subject and much more. You must be benefited when you publish new thing via your article.

Try to Write Unique Title

The title is the main factor to rank when you write a superb article. You should use the unique title because Google search engine loves a unique title. Make sure your article title contains your focus keywords and also use in your article URL.

Important On-Page Optimization

On page, optimization is the main factor for getting rank in google without backlinks. So you need to know very carefully about on page optimization. Try to write long content for your post. You should use heading tags H2, H3 and more. Add keywords in your heading tags. Use Meta description and also add focus keyword in the Meta description. Use image alt tag and add image description.

Use Google Alerts

If you using google alerts, it will help you to get new information. So you can write a new content about any latest information by using this google alerts. You will get any latest info and news from google.

Use Google Trends

Google trend is a great tool for the bloggers. If you use this tool, you will write a unique post with same keywords. This tool helps you to compare the total search volume.

If you apply all these tips accurately then you will able to rank Google 1st page without the backlink. But you should not avoid backlinks from high page rank sites.

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