Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10 – Ultimate Guide for Users

Today I discuss here the keyboard shortcuts Windows 10 ultimate guide for users. This article is very important for every windows user. Nowadays windows are the best popular operating system and most of the people use windows as their OS. Windows give us lot of facilities and it has many user-friendly features. I’m also using windows operating system.

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I wanna to share with you the list of keyboard shortcuts windows 10 and you should know. Windows 10 is the latest version and most of the windows 10 users don’t know the shortcuts keyboard system. If you know these keyboard shortcuts for windows 10, you can do your work easily and quickly. I think every user should know about the keyboard shortcuts because it helps to improve your productivity. You can also do many things withing a short time.

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We know that time is the very important in our digital life and one proverb wants to say- “Time and Tide Wait for None”. So you should not waste your time and always try to save your valuable time. If we use these shortcuts keyboard system, we do a lot of works in our office or home withing a short time. If you are an intelligent person you always choose shortcut options and why use lengthy options. A smart computer user should know about keyboard shortcuts windows 10. I hope these keyboard shortcuts help all windows 10 users.

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10 - Ultimate Guide for Users

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10-

• Windows key: Open or close Start Menu.
• Windows key + A: Action center open.
• Windows key + C: Listening mode by open Cortana
• Windows key + D: Hide the desktop and display.
• Windows key + K: Open the Connect quick action.
• Windows key + L: Switch accounts or lock your PC.
• Windows key + M: minimize all windows.
• Windows key + R: Open Run dialog box.
• Windows key + E: File Explorer open.
• Windows key + G: Open the game bar.
• Windows key + H: Share charm open.
• Windows key + S: Search option open.
• Windows key + Left arrow key: Snap app windows left.
• Windows key + Right arrow key: Snap app windows right.
• Windows key + Up arrow key: Maximize app windows.
• Windows key + I: Open Settings.
• Windows key + X: Quick Link menu.
• Windows key + Number: App pinned to the taskbar.
• Windows key + U: Ease of Access Center.
• Windows key + Tab: Open Task view.
• Windows key + “+” key: Zoom in using the magnifier.
• Windows key + “-” key: Zoom out using the magnifier.
• Windows key + Down arrow key: Minimize app windows.
• Windows key + Shift + Up arrow: Stretch the desktop window to the bottom and top of the screen.
• Windows key + Ctrl +D: Virtual desktop add.
• Windows key + PrtScn: Capture a screenshot and save in Screenshots folder.
• Windows key + Ctrl + F4: Virtual desktop close.
• Windows key + Enter: Open Narrator.
• Windows key + Ctrl + Left / Right arrow: switch the virtual desktops.
• Windows key + Home: Minimize all but the active desktop window.
• Windows key + Comma: temporarily peek at the desktop.
• Alt + Page Up Move up one screen.
• Alt + Page down: Move down one screen.
• Alt + Right arrow key: Forward.
• Alt + Tab: Switch between open apps.
• Alt + Left arrow key: Back.
• Ctrl + X: Selected item cut.
• Ctrl + Z: Undo action and Control+Y: Redo action.
• Ctrl + Alt +Tab: View open apps
• Ctrl + A: Select all content.
• Ctrl + C: Copy selected items to clipboard.
• Ctrl + D: Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin.
• Ctrl + Shift: Keyboard layout.
• Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Task manager open.
• Ctrl + F4: Active window close.
• Ctrl + V: Paste content from clipboard.
• Ctrl + Esc: Open the Start Menu.
• Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Task Manager Open.

Keyboard Shortcuts for All Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) Users-

• Ctrl+A: Select all content in a document or folder
• Ctrl+X: Cut Selected items
• Ctrl+Z: Undo an action
• Ctrl+Y: Redo an action
• Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Open task manager
• Ctrl+F: Open search box to search anything
• Ctrl+S: Save a document
• Ctrl+C: Copy the selected content
• Ctrl+D: Delete the selected item
• Ctrl+Esc: Open the Start Menu
• Ctrl+V: Paste copied content
• Ctrl+Shift: Switch the keyboard layout
• Ctrl+F4: Exit active Window
• Ctrl+P: Open print preview
• Ctrl+Home: Move cursor top of the document
• Esc: Close the current task
• Windows key+Tab: Open Task view
• Windows key: Open and close Start Menu
• Windows Key+A: Open action center
• Windows key+E: Open file explorer
• Windows key+G: Open game bar
• Windows key+C: Open Cortana
• Windows key+D: Display and hide the desktop
• Windows key+R: Open run dialog box
• Windows key+S: Open search
• Windows key+U: Open ease of access center
• Windows key+X: Open quick link menu
• Windows key+I: Open Settings
• Windows key+L: Lock your PC
• Windows key+M: Minimize all Windows
• Windows key+Left arrow: Snap app Windows left
• Windows key+down arrow: Minimize app Windows
• Windows key+Ctrl+D: Add a virtual desktop
• Windows key+Ctrl+F4: Close the current virtual desktop
• Windows key+Right arrow: Snap app Windows right
• Windows key+up arrow: Maximize app Windows

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Above all the keyboard shortcuts use for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP users only. This keyboard shortcuts window 10 help to save your valuable time and become a smart computer user.

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