How to Install WhatsApp without Phone Number/Mobile Number

Today I am going to tell about how to install WhatsApp without Phone Number or Mobile Number. Most of the people know about Whatsapp. More than one billion users used this app. I think every Smartphone users use this app because it is the best messaging platform across the world. Whatsapp service the best performance and it has user-friendly features so, Whatsapp has become really popular day by day. All most all the people use this service and already it has won the billion hearts all over the world.

But if you want to install this WhatsApp without a phone number or mobile number, just follow the important and interesting trick. It will be really amusing and helpful if you use this app without your own number. Most of the time we have to use own mobile or phone number to install to use Whatsapp service. I think most of the people have no idea about how to install Whatsapp without a phone number or mobile number. But it’s possible to use Whatsapp without any number.

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Whatsapp is an instant messaging app which can be shared your images and videos with other people from one place to another place. We are very easily to use our own mobile number on Whatsapp but some people don’t want to use their personal number of Whatsapp. We are really thankful to Whatsapp that it has both options. So, here are two important tricks for you to use Whatsapp service without any number.

How to Install Whatsapp without Phone Number or Mobile Number

There are two different methods you can use this app without your number. Now, I will share below two methods to do that.

Methods 1: How to install Whatsapp without Mobile Number?

If you already using this Whatsapp you need to uninstall/delete first. Then go to Google play store and download and install it.
How to Install WhatsApp without Phone Number/Mobile Number
After installing open Primo and create an account. Just enter your first and last name with username and password. Then click on Sign Up.
Install WhatsApp without Mobile Number
When complete the signing up and just select your country and enter your real mobile number. Next click on submit. Now you will get a verification code on your mobile via message. Next just enter the verification code and click on submit.
Install WhatsApp without SIM Card
When your verification complete, you will see a number just like below. Just copy and save that number for further use.
Whatsapp Install How To
Next, go to download the Whatsapp latest version and install it. After install to open Whatsapp, it will ask for a phone number. Now enter that number you have got from Primo and just click on next.
How to use Whatsapp Number
Then you need to verification number to continue. You will see two options to get verification number: SMS and Call system. Now you need to select call option because it’s not possible to get verification number via SMS. Finally, you will get a call and receive that call and note down and enter the verification code.
Next it may ask for backup but you don’t need any backup. Now you can set up your profile info, upload your profile picture and more. You have done and you can invite your friends.
Whatsapp Invite
Method 2: How to install Whatsapp without Mobile Number?

This way you need to use your home phone or Landline number.

Now Download and Install the Whatsapp on your Device.

When you open your Whatsapp application then you need to enter your number and select your country then enter your home phone or landline number.

Now you have to wait for a few minutes. When you don’t receive any SMS or it can’t send you SMS then you will see the call me an option. Now select call me to get a call. Then Whatsapp will call you to your home phone or Landline number.

Receive the call and note down the verification number and Enter that verification number then completes the setup process. Now you are ok to use your Whatsapp.

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