How to Increase Speed of Browser Google Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome users and knowing How to Increase Speed of Browser Google Chrome? At present Google is one of the best popular technologies in the world. Google has many products, and Google tries to best performance by their excellent products. Every day we have to use Google products such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Plus, Blogger and more. We are like to use Google products because of their products smart and up to date. We know about the Google Chrome, and it’s a web browser from Google. Chrome is one of the most popular trusted browser and everyone like to use. So, you should know how to increase Google chrome speed.

People like to use this chrome web browser because chrome has many amazing features. Everyone wants to fast browsing on their PC, tablets, and smartphones. So chrome is very high-speed, more advanced and a smart browser. But sometimes users feel some problem when they browse to search for anything. Most of the time chrome works to slow down for some reason. We don’t like the slow speed browser, and it’s waste our valuable time. Even it’s disturbing. So we need a real chrome browser which will give the high-speed performance. If you know, how to boost your Google chrome speed, you will get proper services from chrome.

How to Increase Speed of Browser Google Chrome –

How to Update Your Browser

You can update your browser and get more speed. Always new update version all time is better than the old version. So when you upgrade your latest chrome web browser, you will get more gear. Google keeps up to date their products with chrome.

Firstly open your chrome browser and click on the Wrench Box on the top right side corner. Then click on About Google Chrome. When you click, then you will see the last update status on chrome.

You can go to Help and About Google Chrome option if you do not find easily about Google Chrome option.

Delete All Browsing Data and Cache –

You can delete all browsing data and the cache for keep fast on your browser. You can quickly clear your browsing history, download history, and the clear cache. It’s the easiest ways to keep your web browser fast. So, you should know how to delete these entire things and get a faster web browser.

Just go to open your Chrome browser. Then click on the Wrench box on the top right side and click on History. After open, clear browsing data, then select the above four options. When you choose an option, then click on below clear browsing data.
Delete All Browsing Data and Cache
How to Remove Unnecessary Extensions of Google Chrome –

Chrome has a lot of great extensions. We use some critical extension of our work efficiently and quickly. But sometimes some expansion creates a problem in our chrome browser. Then your browser works to slow down. So, you should use a significant extension only which is perfect for your work and remove all unnecessary extension. When you remove the needless extension, it will help your chrome web browser work fast well.

Firstly click on the Wrench Box, and then click on more tools. Then go Extension. You will see many additional extensions are working with your browser, so remove this needless extension by clicking on the trash box.
How to Remove Unnecessary Extensions

How to Remove Unnecessary Plugins –

The plugin is essential for chrome users. When many plugins work at the same time with your browser, that’s time some additional plugins make slow down your browser. So you can remove these unwanted plugins from your browser.

Firstly type chrome://plugins in your address bar and now press enter. Then you will see the plugins which it’s working and click on Disable.
How to Remove Unnecessary Plugins
How to Delete Temporary Files –

Temporary internet files are another big reason to browser become slowly down. So you should delete the all temporary files and keep fast your browser speed. Firstly go to click on Start Menu of your computer. Then type Run in the search box. Then open it and type %temp% then enter. Now you will see all the temporary files.

Just click “Ctrl+A” for total select files and then click “Shift+Delete” for delete all temporary files permanently from your device.
How to Delete Temporary Files
How to Disable Developer Mode –

You can easily disable developer mode to increase faster your chrome web browser. Just go to click the Wrench Box then click the Extension tab. Just uncheck the developer mode.
If you should follow all essential tips and it automatically increases your chrome browser speed.

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