How to Improve WordPress Site Security Important Tips

WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the world. Day by day WordPress users is increasing because it has a lot of attractive features. Every famous site was developed by WordPress. I’m also a user too. Most of the users don’t conscious of WordPress security. This modern-day threat always runs after us to destroy our valuable sites. So, you have to know how to avoid these threats and make your site secure. I want to share here, some important tips about WordPress site security. Good News: HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code – Web Hosting For $0.01! (2021)

One day you may become popular and famous online via your site. When you will become famous, there are some people online always trying to damage your valuable WordPress site. So, you make sure to keep secure your site that no one can do any attack on your site.

If your site is running on WordPress, you must do protect your site with WordPress security. Without use WordPress security your site is being hacked by hackers. You should take proper steps to progress on your site security. So I want to help you that how to improve WordPress site security and just follow some important tips.
How to Improve WordPress Site Security Important Tips

How to Improve WordPress Site Security –

Use Secure Username and Strong Password

The password is one of the main factor keys for your site and it’s really very important. You always use a stronger password for your WordPress site and it helps you to improve WordPress site secure. If you use a weak password that makes you site will be dangerous. Hackers break your weak password and hacked to damage your WordPress site easily. So all time use a strong password and you can also use password generator tools. This tool will generate a strong password which is the combination of lower case, upper case characters, symbols, and numbers. You can also make your site secure When you change your password time to time and it’s really good idea.

Username is another important factor to your site security. Most of the time newbie bloggers select to use default name (admin). It’s really very common username to know everyone. So don’t use default username. You select an own username when you setting up a new WordPress site. If you already set a default username, want to change username by using Username Changer Plugin.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Tow-Factor Authentication is another most optional WordPress security tips. This system improves your WordPress site security. Even you can’t login your site, use by username and password. Then you need another unique code that was sent your device like as phone and this system that time working when you add Two-Factor Authentication on your site.
Use Two-Factor Authentication
Need to Change WordPress Admin URL

It’s one of the excellent ways to improve WordPress site security. Normally we know, WordPress default admin URL such as and everyone knows this default URL. So it’s the chance to easily hack your site. But you can change it your default admin URL by using Lockdown WP Admin Plugin. This plugin helps you to change admin URL.

Must Remove Unnecessary Plugin

Most of the times we are using the different plugin but you can’t make sure that your site is secure. Some plugins we don’t use anymore. So you should remove these plugins. Try to use premium plugins and it helps to improve your WordPress site security.

Don’t Advertise Your WordPress Version

WordPress always publish the version number. You must be hiding your WordPress version. Cause, it improves your site security. If you want to remove WordPress version from the page, you just need to go WordPress installation directory and find to remove the readme.html file.

Use Best Web Host

Hosting is the main important factor for your site performance. It’s must be always good. You should to choice best web host because it’s also a big factor for your site security issue. So, don’t use unreliable and local web host.

Keep Updated

You must update your site time to time because it’s the big reason for your security maintains. You make sure that your WordPress site plugins and themes update regularly. So, keep update properly for improving your WordPress site security.

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