How to make Android faster and Smoother – Step by Step

Are you confused, how to make Android faster and smoother? Sometimes our android device may slow down. But if we do not know, How to make Android faster, it will be annoying for us. Don’t worry about this, today I will show, how you will make your favorite device faster. To make android faster is not hardy task it also tricky. So, let see how to make your device smoother & faster.

How to make Android faster and Smoother Step by Step

There are many causes for slow-down of Android device, it may cause for poor hardware configuration, low memory space, outdated Android OS version, Animations issues, harmful applications and sometimes virus attacks or malware attacks may cause slow-down of android.

How to make Android faster – Guideline

I will recommend some task for you. Just follow the below steps.

• Update your device:

How to make Android faster

How Android Smartphone Faster
When security update or version update of Android is released officially, you should update your device. Because in every previous version there are some security issues or bugs are left. For this reason, Android developers and mobile company always work on it, to make a better Operating system. Now follow the below steps to update your device.

1. Find out setting options from your device, it looks like gear icon.
2. Tap on setting button, a new window will open.
3. Go to about section of the window. You will find it, at the bottom of the page.
4. Now, just tap on about the option. There you will find some options like Software update, version update etc.

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• Turn off Animation:

Make Android faster

How to make Android Phone faster
Animation makes device smarter but its reserve more resources from the phone. So, I recommend you to turn off animation feature from the phone. It will make your Android faster. At first, go to setting and follow the steps below.

1. Tap on setting icon. It will open some menu item.
2. Go to about phone options, here you will find some information about your device.
3. Among the list of about section, find out the options “Build number” tap on it in 7 times in a row.
4. After tapping 7 times on build number you will get access permission of developer options.
5. Go back to your previous screen.
6. Here you will find developer options, tap on it.
7. A new screen will open and here you will find some new options. From there find out animations.
8. Turn off animation. Your work is done, now you will find your device faster.

• Close unused apps:

Android Speed Faster

How to make smartphone faster
Using too many apps effect on phone performance and we think that how to make Android faster. After complete work, you should close unnecessary apps. It will release RAM memory and make your device faster. So, close the unnecessary apps on your device.

• Clear Applications Cache:
How to make Android Faster

How to make Android faster
When we use apps then it collects some data automatically to provide the better user experience. This data is known as cache memory. Though this type of data is necessary to get first application user experience, it’s reserve system memory. For this reason, android gets slow down. So if we want to make our android first we must clean apps cache memory on a regular basis. Just follow the steps to clear cache memory.

1. Find the settings icon and tap on it. A new window with some options will open.
2. From here find out app manager & hit on it.
3. Tap on applications/apps, here you will find all the applications installed on your system.
4. Just click on any apps that you want to clear cache. You will find a new window where you find a button named clear cache. Just click on it. You have done successfully and try the same things for other applications.

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• Uninstall unnecessary application:

Make Android Faster

How to make Android faster
Excessive apps may cause the slowdown in phone or tablet. Especially apps need resources to run smoothly. For this reason, we should use only necessary apps on phone. Unnecessary apps do effect on processors, RAM and system memory. To know uninstall or remove any apps follow the below steps.

1. At first long press and hold the apps you want to remove.
2. Swipe it on the top left or right you will find Uninstall or remove option just drag and drop your held applications on these options.
3. Another way is available to remove apps. Just go to settings and from there find out app manager there you will find all apps just tap the desire apps that you want to delete or uninstall.
4. You can also use app manager to do the same things. There are many apps manager available on play store.

• Turn off GPS/Location:

GPS and location services are a popular service of Google and it is really helpful to find out desire location. But it also highly impacts on battery and system memory. So if you don’t need it, you can turn it off from system settings.

These are the tricks how to make Android faster. Here, I have shared all the manual process. If you want, you can use third-party apps like CCleaner, Android Assistant or Advanced system cleaner. All these apps are good working and you will find some extra features that also help you to make your Android faster. If you like this article, enjoy to sharing with your friends via social media.

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