How to Get Index New Post Quickly and Easily

Indexing is the biggest factor for any blog posts or pages. Most of the time we published anything it doesn’t index in Google quickly. If its index lately you will not appear in search engines results in pages and you will not get any organic traffic. So we need our every blog post get Google index super fast. So you need to know that how to get index our new blog post quickly.

It’s the big problem for our search engine ranking. Most of the time new blogger users ask me:
“Why new post not getting indexed by google”
“How to get index new blog post quickly”
“Why their posts do not appear in SERPs” and more.

It’s a very common question and most of the time we are facing this problem. So you need to get indexing in a new post on Google search engine results page. If someone faces this problem then they should take quick steps to recover this issue. Because if you don’t get index your blog posts quickly, your hard-work will not do anything for you.

So I’m sharing here some important effective tips for you that your post gets index Google in a short time. Most of the time Google doesn’t your post index quickly and there are some reasons behind it such as your article poorly SEO optimized, low-quality content, poor quality backlinks, sitemap issue, not sharing on social networking sites and much more related factors.

Just writing and publishing your article it’s not only your duties but you need to do more for your article. So if you follow some easy tips from this article and hope you will get index on Google very quickly without delay.

How to Get Index New Post Quickly and Easily

SEO Optimized Quality Content

We know that content has two side top quality and low quality. You should know about low-quality content has no any value to Google search engine with your traffic but the top quality content has great demand. People always want to get proper information and they do not get you why to read your content. We know about the how powerful the content is? So perfect content Google must get index it. If your content is not good for the visitor that’s mean it’s not good for any search engine.

Do you know, what is quality content?

A good quality content must have- Unique + SEO optimized + Helpful + Long + No Copy paste + Spam free and more. So you should not write for search engine but you also write for your visitors. When you start content writing make select your perfect keywords and maintain on page SEO accurately on your article. You should not any copy paste from other contents and its must avoid it.

Sitemap Submission

Sitemap submission is the most important for Google get index properly. So you need to create a sitemap of your site. Sitemap is an XML document that is a list of all pages and post of your website. After you creating a sitemap, then you need to submit it Google webmaster tools. If you are WordPress Users then you must be using Google XML sitemaps or Yoast SEO plugins to generate sitemap file.

Start Backlinks Building

A backlink is another power give to your site and its help to get index quickly. So you need to quality backlinks from any related high PR sites. Google always demand the quality backlinks and it’s most important for the search engine. So you have to know build backlink. You can get quality backlinks from different sources.

You can get quality backlinks from some sources:

• Blog commenting
• Directory submission
• Guest posting
• Forums
• Social Bookmarking
• Document sharing
• Submit RSS feed to RSS directories

Fetch as Google

It’s an excellent easy way to get Google index properly. You can index your pages or posts directly using Google webmaster tools. So you need to go Google Webmaster tools and make sure you have already submitted your site to webmaster tools. You can crawl your post and pages anytime.

Just go to Google Search Console. Then click on Crawl and Next click on Fetch as Google. Now just copy the permalink of that post, you want to submit excluding home page URL.

Such as:

Post URL:

You need to copy: get-index-new-post-quickly-easily/

Then paste the permalink on the box and just click on Fetch.
How to Get Index New Post Quickly and Easily
Social Networking Sites

Social Networking sites are very important for your site or blog. Social media and search engine are related each other. Google always consider social media activities and its helps to index your post quickly. So you post must share on popular networking sites, after publishing your article.

Google plus is most important for you and other social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and more are also effective. These sites always help to get Google index your post quickly when you share on this social site.

Use Pingdom Tool

Pingdom tool is very popular and important service that let any search engines to index your post and pages. I think this tool is better for use your new website or blog. There are many different Ping-O-Matic, Pingdom tools and Google Ping Tool are very popular to use everyone. It’s very easy to submit just open the favorite ping site then enter the name, your site URL and RSS and finally hit submit.

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