Best Free High PR Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2022

If you are searching for the top best free high PR web 2.0 submission sites list 2022 for high PR quality backlinks, you are now in the right place. In this article, I am going to discuss your web 2.0 submission sites and how to get better backlinks from them. We know that backlinks are important for the SEO of a site. High PR web 2.0 sites always play an important role in SEO and also the online marketing of a website. Web 2.0 helps anyone to increase the backlink following.
Best Free High PR Web 2.0 Submission Sites List

What is web 2.0 submission?

There are many websites that change to the web 2.0 model for user experience from SEO perception is called web 2.0 submission. It is not so hard. It is an online technique. With this technique, you are able to share your posts via hub pages, bloggers, and some other sites. These sites are very helpful to create backlinks and publish your content. You should always try to write unique content. So, you can use high PR web 2.0 submission sites to boost your ranking.

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Best Free High PR Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2022

If you search for web 2.0 sites. You will find a lot of sites. Among them, I am going to discuss the best free high PR Web 2.0 submission sites.

1. WordPress:

WordPress is one of the best high PR-to-follow web 2.0 submission sites. It offers us a lot of features that are different from other submission sites. You should have found the Screen Options in the WordPress admin part. The screen option buttons enable you to hide or show any item on the WordPress screen. However, using WordPress, you can simply handle your site. The dashboard is the default page and when you log in, you will enter the dashboard page. On this dashboard page, there are shortcuts to other options. However, the dashboard section has some boxes of different options called dashboard widgets.

To enter this site, visit here.

2. Weebly:

The best feature of Weebly is the drag and drops option for blog creation. Using these features, you can create a blog in which the best content will be shown. Besides, there are some strong elements that make it easy to maintain the contents. It is a free platform that loads quickly and gives users a great experience. This site also has a better hosting option.

Visit here

3. Blogger:

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the best popular high PR Web 2.0 submission sites for dofollow with quality backlinks for free. You will get some good features which are really helpful such as the earning tab. It is on the admin page of the site. This tab links the Google AdSense account with your blog. Here, AdSense will detect the blog topic and posts and also relevant ads. Therefore, you will earn for every click on the ads or posts.

Visit this site here –

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4. Tumblr:

Tumblr is another top popular high PR Web 2.0 submission site for quality backlinks. It is the site offering you some themes for customizing your blog. You can do any kind of changes to HTML codes. Besides, you can use the domain name to personalize it. In the case of a business, it provides the opportunity to the users to brand the Tumblr blog to make it more professional.

Visit this site from here.


This is the submission site that gathers and discovers different references. This bookmarklet offers you to save metadata and some links. We know that everything that is stored online is beneficial. So, each article, and every view of the database is available on this site as the web URL.

To visit this site, click here.


With this site, you can get an ad-free site within a short time. With this site, it is very easy to come online. Besides, you can use the drag-and-drop option to customize your page. As the site builder is very much user-friendly, it offers a lot of possibilities to enjoy the technical experience. Yola is a good Web 2.0 submission site for free backlinks.

Visit this site from here.


It is also a user-friendly and reliable functionality of your browser. You can easily update themes with some plugins that offer better features. It is an ideal platform for small businesses and also for personal use.

To know more, visit here.


This site brings an SEO booster with which you will be able to optimize the content for most of the search engines such as Bing, Google, etc to gather traffic for your site. There is no necessity of using technical skills to work with it. The site builder of this site makes engaged the visitors. Just add some social media icons such as Facebook, and Linkedin to drive a better amount of traffic.

To know more about this site, visit here.


To remove the cutler and organize your work, you can use this site as a great place. Besides, you can also able to improve your notes, checklists, and audio recordings with it. Even, you can search here for any handwritten notes. Evernote is another high PR Web 2.0 Submission site 2020 for quality backlinks and it’s increasing your site ranking.

Click here to visit this site.

10. HubPages:

HubPages is a site that can be easily managed. It gives any person a chance to earn. You do not need the knowledge and requirement to manage this website. To do the registration, you need not spend much time because it is really easy. Besides, you can post ads here without any money to earn money.

To visit this site, click here.

I hope these top 10 best high PR web 2.0 submission sites for 2022 will help you with your SEO strategy. There are also many other sites. But these Web 2.0 sites are the best. With this site, it is really easy to get better backlinks. If you like these articles then you can share them with your friends and family member’s via social networks.

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