How to Fix Slow Internet Connection and Get High Speed

The Internet is one of the major important factors in our modern life. Now a day we can’t go ahead without the internet. Most of the time we are facing a lot of problems when the internet connection is working slow. So its big problem and we need more speed internet connection to work properly on online. You can’t browse the internet suitably with a slow internet. Normally you can’t get the high-speed internet connection because of money. Don’t worry friend. You have to chance to increase your internet speed. You just follow some tips about how to fix slow internet connection and easily get more high speed.

In our modern days, People don’t want to waste their valuable time. So they want a high-speed internet connection for their works to get easily. Slow speed and weak internet connection will waste your valuable time and you will not get everything at once. So, you should know how to fix slow internet connection on your system.

Your internet speed depends on internal and external things. Slow internet connection does not mean that you have to use slow internet plan. Internet speed mainly depends on your system hardware such as network card, cable, wireless router, modem and more. Your internet speed mainly depends on all these things. You can increase internet speed easily when you fix some problems correctly. Now I’m sharing some effective tips for increase internet speed.

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection and Get High Speed

How to Fix Slow Internet Connection

Use Full Bandwidth Internet

Normally Windows reserve 20% of internet bandwidth for its internal uses only. At this moment you can get this 20% internet bandwidth for increase your internet speed. When you get this 20% bandwidth and it must boost your net speed.

How to do –
Step1: Just press the Windows Key+R to open Run. Then type gpedit.msc and just enter.
Step2: Now double click on Local Computer Policy. Next, go Computer Configuration. Next, go, Administrative Templates then go Network. Just open QoS Packet Scheduler, and then go Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
Step3: Then a new page will appear. Then just select the Enabled and Enter Bandwidth Limit to “0” (zero). Then click Apply and OK.
How to use full bandwidth
Check Router, Modem, and Cables

You should need to check your modem, cables, router to make sure. If you don’t sure these things are ok because sometimes it gets the problem and faulty cables, modem and router always affect your internet speed. Check your wireless router to make sure if anyone uses your internet.

Use CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the best cleaner tools for PC and it helps to increase your internet speed. You always keep fresh your browser and keep junk free. Otherwise, it will make slow your internet speed. You should check your PC performance because sometimes your PC is full of browsing history, cookies and cache system. So, it’s the big issue for your slow speed internet. But you can easily remove to solve this problem via CCleaner. This CCleaner works well that remove all the junk files from your drive. It’s free to download for use and it will help you to increase internet speed.

Use Internet Download Manager

Most of the people suffer for slow speed internet connection when they download anything from online. But they did know how to fix slow internet connection and they need high-speed internet for download anything. You can simply solve this problem by using different download software programs. You can use IDM and it’s one of the best software for increased download speed significantly.

Change DNS Server

DNS server is the major issue to get high-speed internet. So you should use proper DNS server. Google DNS server is one of the fastest and available in free. You can use Google DNS server to get a high-speed connection.

Temporary Files

Delete all temporary files from your system and these temporary files can slow down your internet speed. When you have visited some websites, your computer stores every byte of information. These files will be stored in temporary data files so that easily access in the future. So you should delete this temporary file from your system.

Block worthless Web Pages Elements

We visit different website for the various purpose. When you visit a website, some needless elements such as images, videos, flash contents and java scripts will show to you. These entire elements make slow down your internet connection speed. Just go to the browser setting section and disable the needless option for block these elements.

Increase Browser Cache

Browser Cache is the location of temporary storage. When you browse any website, all web page information located in this place. So, if you increase browser cache it will help to load your web page faster.
Above all tips help you how to fix slow internet connection and how to increase internet speed.

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