What are LSI Keywords? How to Find LSI Keywords [2022]

Do you know, what are LSI keywords? How to Find LSI Keywords 2022 to Better Rank in Google? Everyone knows about the importance of keywords in 2022. Keywords play a well-known role in better rank in search engines. I already talk about long-tail keywords and their importance, in my previous article. You know the significance of focus keywords and LSI Keywords are also essential that help you along with your focus keywords. Today I share here, How to find LSI keywords.

Already the SEO has changed, so you have to do better for your blog. You should be more cleavers and careful when you do SEO. LSI keywords use an effective technique of SEO. It helps to improve your search engine ranking. These keywords are actually very powerful. So you should know, what are LSI keywords & how to find LSI keywords?

Most bloggers don’t use these LSI keywords on their posts. They don’t know the importance of LSI keywords and how to find them. Google search engine always likes those posts which contain LSI keywords. A search engine such as Google always likes spam-free articles. So, you should use LSI keywords with your focus keywords, when you use this system you will be spam-free.


LSI keywords mean that Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. These keywords are connected to your main or focus keywords. This can be sometimes substitutions, synonyms, related keywords, related words, or keywords with the same meaning. Suppose you want to write a post about windows. Then Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Microsoft can your LSI keywords. These keywords separate your post from other non-related keywords.

How to Find LSI Keywords

You can many ways to find your best LSI keywords. Now I share some most proper and popular ways to find your LSI keywords. You can find suitable keywords through some LSI keywords finder and use the free LSI keywords generator.

Using Google Search

Using Google search is the most common and easiest way to find keywords. When you search for anything in Google and enter any keywords, Google will show you a list of other related phrases or words. It’s nothing but its LSI keywords. For example, when you search for technology in Google then it will also show you other related words and that’s your LSI keywords.
What are LSI Keyword and help to Better Rank in Google
Google Search Related Keywords 2022 –

It’s a suitable easy way to find your LSI keywords. When you are searching for the main keywords then at the end of the google first page, you will see some phrases or words related to your focus or main keywords. That’s all keywords for your main keywords. If your focus keyword is Technology and when you will search technology, you will see some of the related LSI keywords show just like below.
LSI Keywords
Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the most popular and best keyword research tool for your LSI keywords and focuses keywords. Most of the experts use these tools and it’s totally free for everyone. When you enter any keywords, then these tools show you details about the main keywords. You will see hundreds of related keywords, which it perfect LSI keywords. Suppose your main keyword is “Search Engine Optimization”. When you this main keyword entering, you will see a lot of related keywords in keywords ideas, and remember all these are LSI keywords.
LSI keywords

Soovle is one of the most popular tools that find your preferred LSI keywords. Most SEO experts, webmasters, online marketers, and bloggers use this tool. It’s really the fastest and smart tool that can analyzes to displays results from Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Answer.com, Youtube, and Wikipedia. This tools both focus keyword and gets thousand of LSI keywords found within a second.
LSI Keywords by Soovle Tools
Using LSIGraph
It’s is an also excellent free LSI keywords research tool. You just enter your preferred keyword in the search bar then clear a captcha and last click on Generate. You will get thousands of related keywords with LSI keywords too.
Find LSI Keywords
Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is another top popular tool for generating LSI keywords. This tool helps to find LSI keywords and focus keywords. It has also positive and negative filter options to filter your keywords. When you enter SEO as your main keywords, then it will get the below results:
Keyword Shitter
There are some other most popular tools to find accurate LSI keywords for your post and you can also use these tools. Such as Mondovo, SEMRush, KeywordTool.io. These tools are paid systems to use but you can also use to free version.

I hope now you are very clear about LSI keywords. If you use LSI keywords in your article, you can get a rank in search engines and also get enough visitors.

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