How to delete Gmail Yahoo Facebook & Twitter Account

Do you know that how to delete Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook & Twitter Account? We must use email service for different issues. There are a lot of email services use nowadays such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and more. Sometimes we create more than one email account. Sometimes some accounts need to delete for some problems. We use social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Sometimes social networking sites may be disturbing for you. You can easily delete your social networking and email account easily and now I show you how to delete your Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter account.

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But remember when you decide to delete your all unnecessary email account, you must be alert about your work because you will loose your all data, emails, contacts, messages permanently. So firstly check your email and save your all important info before deleting.

How to delete Gmail Yahoo Facebook & Twitter Account

How to Delete Gmail Account

We know about, Gmail is the best and trusted email services. Gmail is a Google product. All the bloggers must have a Gmail account for their blogging online. We use different Google services such as Blogger, YouTube, Google Plus and more. Without Gmail account, we will not use these Google services. You can easily delete your Gmail account as your wish and I show you how to delete your Gmail account.

Just sign in your Gmail account and click on the setting button. Then you need to click on Accounts and Import then click to go Other Google Account Settings.
How to delete Gmail Yahoo Facebook & Twitter Account
You will see a new page appears “Delete your account or services” and finally click on “Delete Google Account and Data”.
How to delete Gmail Account
Now you need to enter your password and you will see a new page. There is a selection to download your all data. Then you finally click on “DELETE ACCOUNT”. Finally, you deleted your Gmail account.
How to delete email account easily
How to Delete Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo is an American company and it has been providing mail service successfully since 1997. Yahoo mail is one of the most popular email services and millions of people all over the world are using this Yahoo mail service for sending and receiving data, messages, files, videos, images and more. If you don’t use this Yahoo mail account, you can delete your account easily and now I show you how to delete your Yahoo email account.

Firstly login to your Yahoo mail account with your ID and password. After sign in your Yahoo account then just paste below address into your browsers to address bar “” and just press to enter.
How to delete your Yahoo mail account
When you enter the above URL, then a page will open “Terminating your Yahoo! Account”. Just check your ID and entering your password and enter the captcha code. Finally, click on Terminate this Account and you have done.
Permanently Delete Yahoo Mail Account
How to Delete Twitter Account Easily?

We know twitter is another top popular social networking site. Sometimes we open multiple twitter account but all account don’t need so if you want to delete your unnecessary twitter account, now I show you how to do?

Firstly login to go your twitter account and just click on “setting”. If you want to save your tweets then you click on “Request your archive”. Now click on “Deactivate My Account”.
How to Delete Your Twitter Account
When a new page will open just read the information then Click: Deactivate.
how to delete twitte social account
Then you need to enter your twitter password. Just click on “Deactivate Account”. You have done.
How to delete your social twiiter account
How to Delete Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites and billion of users around the world. Facebook one of the best networking communication sites and nowadays people chiefly communicate to each other by Facebook. As an internet user, you may have a Facebook account. But sometimes Facebook account needs to delete for some problems. You can deactivate or delete your account easily. Now I show you how to delete your Facebook account.

I show here, how to deactivate your Facebook Account.

Just Login to your Facebook Account and then click on Setting and Security. Now click on Deactivate your account.
How to delete your facebook social account
When you click on “Deactivate your account” then you’re Facebook Account Deactivate.
how to deactive your facebook account
How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently?

Firstly download a copy of your all Facebook data before deleting your Facebook Account Permanently.
Just, click on the below link and finally “Delete My Account”. You have done.

Visit Here- Delete Account

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learn about how to delete Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter Account easily.

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