Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price

Today I want to talk about best waterproof mobile phones and its price. We know this modern age of mobile technology. Most of the people are using this mobile phones and its increasing day by day. Because they are communicating with each other via this mobile phones. Nowadays we are using various companies’ smartphones. If you are trying to look for the best waterproof mobile phones, I share here some best popular most fashionable, high quality and useful waterproof mobile phones info. At present many smartphone manufacturing companies are coming up with their best resistant waterproof mobile phones with reasonably priced.

Best Waterproof Mobile Phones
Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price
A waterproof mobile phone is an excellent option and you won’t have to worry because if accidentally your phone drops it in the water. I think a waterproof smartphone is a great purchase for everyone. Because you don’t need to any worry if Child will throw it into a pond or drop it down the toilet. The waterproof smartphone has great features and design with appearance. These waterproof mobile phones allow to take photos underwater and watch movies, videos in the bath. Now I share here top popular best waterproof mobiles phones of 2017.

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Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price

Samsung Galaxy S8
Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price
Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best popular waterproof mobile phones of 2017. This phone will come in various colors orchid gray, midnight black, arctic silver, coral blue and maple gold. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has the 5.8-inch display screen and its front camera 8MP and a dual pixel 12MB rear camera. It costs $750. This mobile phone has an impressive screen and designs with latest version 7.0 running on the device; Samsung has taken one of its models to the next level. Other popular providers companies such as HTC, Apple and OnePlus are going to do big challenges. So, we are waiting for see.

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Apple iPhone 7 – Best Waterproof Mobile Phones
Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price
Apple iPhone 7 is the latest and popular waterproof iPhone from Apple. Meet the latest Apple iPhone 7. This iPhone comes with 3D touch 4.7inch retina HD display with latest quad core A10 fusion chip with 64bit architecture. It’s an excellent phone with great performance and fantastic cameras with stereo speakers that sound good. Apple iPhone 7 is waterproof and dust resistance. This mobile phone price is $1311.

LG G6 – Best Waterproof Mobile Phones
Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price
LG G6 is the very newest cool quality and waterproof mobile phone which is another striking smartphone in the market. Fantastic this android mobile phone powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad-core processor and 4GB RAM. It has 5.7inch QHD display and 13MP dual rear camera with great new fingerprint sensor option. It comes up with a latest operating system and a new version with fancy design. This LG G6 smartphone price $1155.

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Sony Xperia XZ – Best Waterproof Mobile Phones
Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price
Sony Xperia XZ is another top popular best waterproof mobile phones which are powered by Android 6. This Smartphone has the 23MP rear camera with auto focus with 5.2 Inch FHD Triluminos Display. This phone saves you a lot of money. Because it will provide with all you need. Most attractive design, style, and its quality. It’s Price $1111.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – Best Waterproof Mobile Phones
Best Waterproof Mobile Phones and Price
Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE is another popular waterproof phones. I think it’s the perfect waterproof Android smartphone powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It has Impressive dual pixel 12MP rear camera that provides with high-quality photos and videos. This mobile phone cost $1264.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and now you can choose to buy your favorite best waterproof mobile phones. If you face any problem with this article just feel free to comment below and we will solve soon.

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