Best High PR PDF Submission Sites list 2022

In this article, I am going to discuss the top best high PR PDF submission sites list for 2022. Submission of PDFs and backlinks is very important for SEO. It also gathers a lot of traffic for websites. PDF sharing is cached by Google and then indexed to increase visitors to websites. It is easy to upload any document and PDF on different websites. To do this, you need to convert a document file into a PDF and then submit it to the websites. First, you need to create a free account on some document-sharing websites. Then login to this account and simply share your documents.
Top PR PDF submission sites list 2022

PDF submission is not so hard. It is an online technique. With this technique, you are able to submit your video via Scribd, Issuu,, and some other sites. These PDF submission sites are very helpful to create backlinks and publish your pdf. But you need to know which site is effective and helpful for you. For these purposes, I am going to share the High PR PDF Submission Sites List 2022. Now, let’s see the best high PR PDF submission sites list.

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Best high PR PDF submission sites list – 2022

1. Scribd:

This site offers you to get a lot of things that are worth reading. It has gained much popularity as an app for reading purposes. If you be a member of this site, you will get 3 credits and also an audiobook credit for each month, and unlimited access to documents, news, etc. It is supported by all devices and provides the users with the biggest source of a documentary on scientific studies, reports, dissertations, etc.

Visit this site from here.

2. Issuu:

Here you are able to upload a PDF file of your contents and share it with the others. The unique feature of this site is that you can see the readers and which pages they stay and like. Besides, you can also have the schedules of release; have some control over who is viewing your post, etc. Besides, you can collaborate with the publishing team of Issuu.

Here is the link to this site.


It is the PDF sharing community to upload and publish your content without any cost. Though it is a new website, it has been used by researchers, marketers, and teachers for uploading a PDF file. To use this site, you do not need to fulfill sign up for an account to share your work.

Visit this site from here.


It is a free site that allows businessmen to share content, and improve their SEO to get leads. However, you can share the PDF formatted files to reach to a new audience and optimize your site.

Visit this site from here.

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It is a great platform to share PDF, and PowerPoint presentations online. This site makes it easier for the user to share slideshows, and blogs on YouTube and through iPod. To do this, you need to sign up here. The site allows you to upload as many presentations as you want and per content will have a URL of its own.

You can visit this site from here.


It is a very popular submission site. You can share videos, audio, documents, PDFs, etc. Besides, you can share them via links, emails, etc. It also provides you with ad-supported download without any waiting. However, on this site, you can store or share any files. Moreover, you can email a big file. The storage capacity of this site is 10GB without any cost and you can make it up to 50GB.

Here is the link to visit this site.


If you buy the premium package of this website, you will get a lot of extra features. This site offers you ad-free sharing, 100GB storage, data security, backup files, and also a direct download link.

Visit this site from here.


This site provides you with a free service that enables the users to discover the PowerPoint presentation. Anyone can see your presentations. Besides, users can upload presentations and share them freely both in public and privately. Besides, you can also create free channels and also share them on social communities like Facebook and others.

Visit this site from here.


It is a sharing and publishing platform. This site allows you to boost your documents by publishing, sharing, and customizing. Here, you need to sign up for registration. Both these are free and premium options.

You can visit this site from here.

These best high PR PDF submission sites 2022 list will help you to choose one to publish your document files. It will also help you to gain popularity in your content and site. However, sharing PDFs plays an important role in SEO strategy. You can try these sites free or with the premium signup.

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