Best Free File Sharing Sites 2022

Best Free File Sharing Sites 2022. Sometimes we need to share our files with our friends or colleague. So how can we share our file? We usually share the data by using our email account. But it is limited file sharing because of their size. You cannot share the big file with the user of your email.

Best Free File Sharing Sites 2022
So now the question is how we can share the unlimited file. For these purposes today I am going to list the top 6 Best Free File Sharing Sites for 2022. You can easily upload and share your data with your friends and colleagues. Let’s see the list of Best Free File Sharing Sites below.

Best Free File Sharing Sites 2022 –

1. Mega:

Mega is the top best free file-sharing site that helps you to share your file with others. It provides some opportunities or features to share your file. It has been providing web services since 2013. Some functions are pointed out below.

• It offered free and hosted sites.
• It provides 50GB storage for free and 10GB bandwidth.
• No limitation to uploading the file.
• It comes with a user-friendly interface.
• You don’t need any sign-up.
• No annoying ads.
• It provides a password manager lock system.

To upload your file in Mega >> Click Here

2. Media Fire:

Do you look for the best hosting site to host your file? Then I will recommend the Media fire file-sharing site. It is based in Texas, United States. You have to keep in mind some points on this site.

• Media Fire is a popular file-sharing site.
• It allows you to upload your file and documents and share it with your friends.
• It provides fast speed to upload and download files.
• It gives you 10GB of free storage.
• Uploading site limits 200MB.
• User-friendly interface.
• You need to sign up to upload the file.
• Many ads that may disturb you.
• Free and premium versions both.

To upload your file in Media Fire >> Click Here

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3. Google Drive: Best Free File Transfer Sites

Yeah! Now this time I am going to tell you something about Google Drive. I think everybody heard the name of Google Drive and its users who, are connected with the technology world. But somebody doesn’t know the opportunity to share a file on these sites.

• Google Drive allows you to upload a file to the cloud, edit files and documents and share with friends and colleagues.
• It helps you to make Docs files and slide sharing.
• Provides office suite that allows you to select materials, spreadsheets, forms, and much more.
• It Provides 15GB of free storage.
• It Gives 1250MB bandwidth per day.
• No ads to show.
• It Provides both Free and premium versions both.

To upload your file in Google Drive >> Click Here

4. Dropbox: Best Free File Sharing and transfer Sites list

Dropbox allows the user to host their file in cloud storage, a personal cloud. The user can create a particular folder on their PC that synchronizes the same folder in cloud storage. Dropbox is serving the web since 2007. Let’s see some features.

• At first, you need to sign up to upload files.
• It Provides 2GB of free storage space.
• A bandwidth limit is 10GB per day.
• Opportunity for the affiliate program.

To upload your file in Dropbox >> Click Here

5. One Drive: Best Free File Sharing Sites 2022

One Drive is the largest and most popular website to share files, documents, spreadsheets, file synchronization, and much more. It is launched by Microsoft. Before uploading, your file let’s see the critical point.

• One Drive provides 5GB of free storage space for free users.
• No bandwidth limitation.
• It provides fast upload and download speed.
• Password protection.
• The open and premium versions are available.
• Sign-up required.

To upload your file in One Drive >> Click Here

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6. File Dropper:

File Dropper placed at the number of 6 points. We cannot finish our articles without a pointed File Dropper file-sharing site. It is the best and free file-sharing site. So I think it may be the best choice for users.

Free File Sharing Sites

• It enables free transfer and upload of files without signing up.
• After uploading the file, you can share anyone as a link.
• It provides 5GB of free storage space.
• User-friendly interface.

To upload your file in File Dropper >> Click Here

At last, all these best free file-sharing sites enable you to share your data and file with anyone. The entire previous file-sharing option is practical and workable. You may choose the best one from here.

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